Carnation Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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A small community in the heart of Washington's beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, Carnation real estate is a great choice. Right at your fingertips you've got both the entire Puget Sound area and the Cascade Mountains that flank the east side of the valley. This is a fantastic place to call home, whether for its strong school systems, healthy business community, spectacular natural setting, or countless cultural and outdoor activities.

If you're moving in from out of state, you might still be debating the region's bad rap on gray skies and damp weather. Admittedly, the quota of sunny days is on the slim side. The trade-offs, however (the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the vibrant city life, and the laid-back style), are a fabulous investment return. As for Carnation itself--settled in about 1865, platted in 1902, and incorporated in 1912--it is now an upscale, rural community with a great deal to offer.

Getting around on the highways near Carnation real estate is convenient. Within an hour or two, you've got the Pacific coastline, Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park, Vancouver, Olympia, and Tacoma. Seattle, a quick 30 miles due west along Route 203, is an especially easy drive for a commute or just getting around. Even closer aboard are Redmond, 15 miles due west, and North Bend, 14 miles due south.

Carnation Real Estate: What's in a Name?
The first maps of the Oregon Territory included an Indian town called Tolthue. Early settlers promptly shortened this--which meant "swiftly rushing waters"--to Tolt. By 1861, James Entwhistle had established his homestead on the site of today's Carnation real estate. And how did we get from Tolt to Carnation? By the time incorporation came around, Tolt was home to the enterprising young founder (1889) of the Carnation Milk Company.

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