Edmonds Homes For Sale

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Take a look at Edmonds homes for sale, if you're in love with the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest and undaunted by its admitted shortage of sunshine. Tagged by the local chamber of commerce as the friendliest town on Puget Sound, Edmonds is certainly a beautiful place to call home. Just 18 miles north of Seattle into Snohomish County, it certainly might also be the most convenient town on Puget Sound.

The primary roads around and through the town are Routes 5, 405, 104, and 522. Woodinville and its vineyards are 16 miles away, Redmond 23, Tacoma 51, Olympic National Park 67, and Portland 190. The ferry to Kingston connects south Snohomish and north King Counties across the Sound with the northern Kitsap Peninsula. The Burlington Northern Railroad runs along the city shoreline and is used both for freight and Amtrak passenger rail.

The Numbers on Edmonds Homes for Sale

Founded, like a number of others in the heavily forested Pacific Northwest, as a logging operation and homestead by George Bracket in 1876, Edmonds was incorporated as a town in 1890. By the turn of the century it was already thriving, sustained by the manufacture of roof and house shingles until the 1940s. Today's population of not quite 40,000 is well educated and moderately affluent, with a median age of 42.

The median value of residential property in Edmonds is about $260,000. Going market rates on Edmonds homes for sale range from just over $100,000 to $10,000,000, with the average at about $580,000. However, as Mark Twain once so aptly said, "There are lies, there are damned lies, and then there are statistics." The fact is, the best way to think of it is in relative terms. Most Edmonds homes for sale come pricier than in Portland, Oregon, but below those in Annapolis, Maryland.

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