Homes For Sale In Maple Valley

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As you cast your eye around the Pacific Northwest for a place to live that's also a wonderful investment, homes for sale in Maple Valley are a great choice. Named by settlers 150 years ago for its dense stand of maple trees, it sits nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It's no wonder that so many over the years have jumped at the chance to buy homes for sale in Maple Valley. An 86-percent owner occupancy reflects that. You'll be more than pleased with a standard of living higher than the national average, splendid Tacoma school district schools, and a decidedly low crime rate.

Welcome to Homes for Sale in Maple Valley

Situated almost equidistant from Seattle and Tacoma, Maple Valley incorporated as a city only in 1997. Within city limits you'll find a traditional subdivision layout of streets, homes, and retail shops. City population is about 14,000. In the greater area, you'll see older homes and farming properties on greater acreage dotting a rural landscape. The overall valley area has an population of about 29,000, with a median age of 33, and a median household income of $70,000.

One especially delightful aspect of homes for sale in Maple Valley is the majestic proximity of Mount Rainier, some 40 miles almost due south. At about 14,410 feet it is both Washington's and the Cascades' highest peak, soaring nearly 8,000 feet higher than everything near it. A sideline benefit to these mountains is one of the longest skiing seasons in the United States. Snow falls heaviest on the midflanks, at about 9,500 feet, near Paradise.

Outdoor enthusiasts have much more than skiing and mountain climbing to choose from, however. Maple Valley has three golf courses and numerous biking and hiking trails in the immediate area. Boating and other water sports are especially popular, given the nearby Cedar River and countless lakes in the immediate area.

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