Issaquah Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Surrounded by the renowned and rugged beauty of the Puget Sound region, Issaquah real estate is both a sound investment and a great place to call home. The last federal census figures indicate a median house value of about $278,000. More up-to-date reports from the Northwest Association of Realtors indicate higher market prices. A realistic range begins at about $140,000 and runs as high as $2 million. Your benchmark should be a rough average selling price of about $425,000.

As far as local demographics related to Issaquah real estate are concerned, it's a wonderfully dynamic and balanced community. Issaquah's population today numbers some 135,000. The ethic and racial mix is diverse--predominately Caucasian (84 percent) and Hispanic (6 percent), followed by mixed race (3 percent), and Asian (3 percent).

If you're raising a family, you couldn't look for a healthier environment than that offered by Issaquah real estate. Issaquah residents put a great deal of stock in their schools. They're also especially well educated themselves. More than 96 percent have a high school diploma. More than 48 percent have earned a college degree or higher. Approximately 15 percent have professional licenses or graduate degrees.

A Quick Preview to Issaquah Real Estate Environs

Sitting on the shores of Lake Sammamish and nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Cascades, Issaquah has everything but coral reefs and a tropical environment to offer its outdoor enthusiasts. Boating and fly fishing in the Puget Sound, local rivers, and freshwater lakes, and biking and hiking in the Tiger and Squak Mountains are only the beginning. Numerous annual festivals include Seattle's SeaFair and Issaquah's own Salmon Days. No matter what your recreational or cultural interests are, you'll find much to delight you in the Puget Sound region!

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