Kirkland Homes

Written by Seth Cotterell
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For residents living in the Kirkland area, now is a good time to stop paying rent. Renting a home is quite simply throwing away money. The longer you rent, the more money you waste. Rather than line someone else's pockets with your hard earned money, you could be earning equity in your home and making an investment that will grow for many years.

The Kirkland Real Estate Market

The market for home buyers in Kirkland is strong. Census figures show that 585 new homes were built in Kirkland in the single year of 1999 to early 2000. This is a good indication of continued growth and is consistent with figures dating back more than 30 years. Kirkland's new home market has been quite stable for several decades and the trend should continue.

Not everyone wants to buy a new home. There are many people who enjoy the classic design and elegance of older, more traditional houses. Older homes often have far more character and personality than modern, cookie cutter houses in planned communities. In Kirkland, there is an abundance of classic homes in various styles to suit any taste.

Kirkland renters would do well to seriously consider buying a home. Statistics show that a large number of Kirkland renters pay more than $750 a month to rent their homes or apartments. Mortgage payments for a nice home in the area are about the same. It makes sense to build ownership in a house rather than paying a large sum every month for something that does not even belong to you. Contact a local realtor to calculate a mortgage payment on a house in your price range.

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