Kirkland Homes For Sale

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Hugging the eastern shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland homes for sale will come as a welcome relief in your search for a community to call home in Puget Sound. Founded in the 1880s by steel tycoon Peter Kirk, the city was intended to be the Pittsburgh of the West Coast. Thanks to the financial Panic of 1893, it didn't evolve quite that way.

Today, Kirkland is a delightful place to live no matter which way you look at it. It is both a fabulous investment from a financial point of view and a spectacularly beautiful location from a scenic one. With a population of about 46,000 and some 22,000 residences, it offers convenient access to Seattle, 12 miles away by routes 405 and 520, and the entire Pacific Northwest area.

A lovely city in its own right, it has a dynamic nightlife, a wonderful marina, art galleries, numerous parks, and one of the top school districts in the state. You might be looking for a place to raise a family slightly off the beaten track of the more urban areas. Maybe you just want your own personal corner of the Northwest, with the Pacific coastline, the rugged beauty of the Cascades, the magnificent heights of Mount Rainier all at your fingertips. Either way, Kirkland homes for sale are a good buy and set in a notably low-crime area.

Researching Kirkland Homes for Sale

You'll settle into a comfortable community with an abundance of amenities and delight in knowing you've made a financially sound investment, as well. Your first step is to link up with a local realtor who knows the area like the palm of his or her hand and has an inside line on Kirkland homes for sale. Whether you're moving in from out of state in a job relocation, or from within the Puget Sound region, you want to make the most of a realtor's expertise.

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