Mercer Island Real Estate Listings

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Mercer Island real estate listings didn't exist until C.C. Calkins bought 22,000 acres of the island to build a resort in 1891. From that point forward, however, Mercer Island real estate has been appreciated as beautiful rural retreats from the city's traffic and concrete. Once the first of the floating concrete bridges was built in 1940, the island has been convenient to both downtown Seattle (a 10-minute drive) and Bellevue (a five-minute drive).

Your most efficient route through Mercer Island real estate listings is in the company of a local real estate agent. Specifically, you want a market expert who knows those 6.4 square miles of rolling wooden hills like the palm of his or her hand. Among the Puget Sound's most sought-after, these properties are certainly a first-rate financial investment, and you will want all the guidance you can get before making a purchase.

The Star Feature of Mercer Island Real Estate Listings

Where the realtor's expertise comes into play is in matching available properties to a property plan and blueprint that fits your lifestyle. One of the reasons, for example, that you might be looking at Mercer Island real estate listings is the Lake Washington waterfront. If you're a boating enthusiast, you'll be hard pressed to find a more ideal location, whether you favor racing under sail, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, or the occasional weekend cruise.

A long narrow freshwater body separating Seattle from the rest of King County, Lake Washington runs approximately 13 miles north to south. It is connected to Lake Union just south of downtown Seattle by the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Built in 1911 to accommodate coal and timber shipping, the canal and its water levels are controlled by the Ballard Locks. A popular attraction, the locks provide yachtsmen and other boaters a direct water route to Puget Sound and the Pacific, and this is only one of many reasons why you should consider settling on Mercer Island.

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