Real Estate In Snoqualmie

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Best known for its spectacular 268-foot waterfalls, real estate in Snoqualmie is a great choice if you're looking for a smaller community in the Puget Sound region. Its rural ambiance and the scenic Cascade foothills, however, are within easy reach of downtown Seattle (28 miles), Tacoma (42 miles), and the international airport (35 miles). Nearby towns include North Bend, Fall City, and Issaquah.

Surrounded by the Cascades, the Puget Sound wine country, and numerous lakes and rivers, real estate in Snoqualmie typifies the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Its population of 3,500 is ethnically diverse, well educated, and very well established. Historically supported by logging and a milling industry, Snoqualmie hasn't grown as extensively as other towns in the region for a number of reasons. Chief of these is the surrounding floodplain. Changes in town planning, however, now project a population of about 8,000 by 2014.

With quaint, hilly streets and an attractive assortment of cafes and shops, as well as its own microbrewery, real estate in Snoqualmie is a great community to call home! The most recent U.S. census figures put the number of residential properties at about 650, and a median house value of $175,000. Recent Northwest MLS figures, however, indicate a range that begins at about $250,000 and tops out at $1 million, with an average of about $450,000.

Real Estate in Snoqualmie: Nearby Attractions

Established in the late 1950s, the Northwest Railway Museum is the largest of its kind in the state and is visited by some 65,000 people each year. The nearby Snoqualmie Falls, which fall 60 feet farther than those in Niagara, are one of the state's most popular attractions. Overall, the immediate locale is the ultimate for outdoor enthusiasts, with rivers ideal for whitewater rafting, mountains and hills that beckon hikers and rock climbers, and a wonderful selection of golf courses.

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