Redmond Washington Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Well known as the IT headquarters of the Pacific Northwest, Redmond Washington real estate is without question a great investment. It's also very well situated in the Puget Sound region and a marvelous place to live. Within 20 miles of Seattle and convenient to all the attractions of the region, it's well worth considering even if you don't work for one of the high-profile companies.

Redmond Washington Real Estate: A Quick Sketch

Far from being the "child" of technology, Redmond has a long history in the Pacific Northwest. First called Salmonberg for the abundance of the fish in the Sammamish River, Redmond (like so many other towns in the state) was first a logging town and soon home to lumber and shingle mills. When that faded, Redmond turned to agriculture and held steady for many decades. From an original three square blocks of incorporated city and a population of about 300 in 1912, it grew to just over 1,400 by 1960.

Home today to--among others--Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, and AT&T Wireless, Redmond Washington real estate is in and of itself a very healthy and productive environment to raise a family and call home. With a residential population of about 46,000, it is King County's seventh largest city. The nine schools within city limits--six elementary, two junior high, and one high school--are part of the highly acclaimed Lake Washington school district.

The community that encompasses Redmond Washington real estate emphasizes safe neighborhoods, variety and diversity in both restaurants and shopping, environmental protection, and recreational opportunities for all ages. It offers more than 1,300 acres of public parks, the Redmond Watershed wildlife preserve, equestrian facilities, a waterfront park on Lake Sammamish, and an active cultural arts calendar. No matter what your age or interests, Redmond's proactive approach is bound to strike at least one chord.

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