Renton Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Conveniently located at the south end of Lake Washington within an easy commute of both Seattle and Bellevue, Renton real estate is a solid investment and delightful place to call home. The city's history reaches as far back as European settlement in the Pacific Northwest can, to the mid-1850s. With Mount Rainier's impressive 14,410 feet reaching into the horizon from 60 miles away, Renton real estate is also picturesque.

Whether you're considering Renton real estate for yourself or to raise a family, you'll appreciate its strong civic pride, nationally recognized school system, and healthy business climate. Renton is a marvelous place to live. How could it not be, given its outstanding quality of life, diverse and well-educated population, many recreational and cultural opportunities, and ruggedly beautiful surroundings?

Renowned since Lewis and Clark explored the territory 200 years ago for then President Thomas Jefferson, the Pacific Northwest is unparalleled in natural beauties and rich landscapes. Renton offers the best of all this. Whether hiking in Olympia National Park, whitewater rafting on the Nooksack, wandering the tree-lined streets of Pioneer Square, admiring the 270-foot drop of Snoqualmie Falls, or touring local wineries and microbreweries, you'll always be a bit amazed at the region you call home.

Renton Real Estate: A Few Facts

With a population of about 50,000 in the city proper and perhaps 175,000 in the greater Renton area, the choice of homes is wide. The strict count, per the last federal census, came to 21,689, split almost evenly between owner and renter occupancy. Median house value was approximately $190,000. More recent numbers from the Washington Association of Realtors indicate a range of from $70,000 to $3.5 million, averaging to perhaps $400,000. Whether you buy as a rental investment or as a place to call home, you won't regret it.

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