Sammamish Realty

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Sammamish realty--both a sound investment and a wonderful place to live--sits on about 18 square miles in King County, Washington. Incorporated as a Puget Sound city only on August 31, 1999, it has a relatively young population (median age 34) of approximately 34,000. Well educated and moderately affluent, they focus on stewardship of the natural environment and a sense of community. There are more reasons than the rugged beauty of the Cascades and Puget Sound landscape to delight in calling Sammamish home!

Property taxes remain the city's most significant source of revenue. There are no general business taxes and no utility tax. Business licenses are granted jointly by the city and the state. Existing taxes (such as they are), the city is proud to assert, are in fact lower than they would be had the city not incorporated. This is not to say, it hastens to add, that Sammamish realty residents come up short on receiving municipal services, rather the opposite is true.

Both the Issaquah and Lake Washington school districts overlap Sammamish realty and the city limits, which is a good thing, residents believe. Both systems are extremely well rated state and nationwide. If the education of the parents is any reflection on the children, then 40 percent of the parents having a college degree and 10 percent having a professional degree bodes well for the future of the upcoming generation of Sammamish-ites.

Sammamish Realty: The Community

Bearing witness to the strength of the Sammamish community is a typical issue on the city calendar for a recent month. A presentation by the city planning commission, followed by a public hearing, focused on hiking and biking trails in environmentally sensitive areas. As this demonstrates, Sammamish is a community that cares about the environment and its citizens.

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