Seatac Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Incorporated in 1990 and now home to a diverse and young population of about 25,000, Seatac real estate is unique for having arisen around the region's international airport. The airport, as might be expected, dominates the city. It certainly is what attracts the 14,000 visitors who frequent Seatac shops, restaurants, and hotels each day. As an investment property, Seatac is well worth looking into. Nearly half of Seatac real estate is residential rental property.

Perhaps, on the other hand, you travel more than you're home. If so, it's worth thinking about settling in a community convenient to the airport you use. Because the airport is located midway between Washington state's three main western cities, you'll find access to each of them--Seattle, Tacoma, and the state capital of Olympia--an easy shot up or across on Interstate 5.

Seatac's substantial permanent population means that it has developed and is continuing to develop as a city in its own right. It has a growing business community--including a Boeing distribution center, Alaska Airlines headquarters, and more. Numerous public parks include Angle Lake, North Seatac, and the Highline Botanical Garden. Youth recreational facilities, especially soccer and baseball, are both emphasized and popular.

Seatac Real Estate: Affordable and Convenient

According to the last U.S. census, the median house value in Seatac is about $175,000. The numbers from the Washington Association of Realtors, however, update that statistic and draw it closer to reality with a range--for three-bedroom single-family homes--of about $170,000 to $625,000. The figure is based on a return of about 120 properties. The average price of Seatac real estate, WRA notes, is about $310,000.

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