Seattle Eastside Real Estate Listings

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Cities like Seattle are often the center of growth and development in a region. The business opportunities present in a large city attract professionals and blue collar workers in search of better jobs and a higher quality of living. The availability of quality schools, access to art and entertainment, and weather all play a role in bringing people to the area.

In situations like this, the first draw is usually from the city itself, but as time passes more people begin to spread to the fringes of the city and then into neighboring communities. This is exactly what is happening in Seattle. People were first attracted by the amenities of the city itself, but are now discovering the many benefits and high quality of life in surrounding towns.

Eastside Real Estate

The Eastside of Puget Sound is home to several prosperous, inviting cities. Among these are Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Renton. Each city has its own personality and benefits. Surrounding communities almost always have a lower cost of living than in the city and also many new business opportunities that are not present in the already crowded industrial sectors and business districts of the major city.

Home values in the Eastside cities vary, but all are reasonable. Some cities are more diverse than others and some have older populations. Some are centers of industry while others cater to the artistic set. Detailed descriptions of city programs, activities, and characteristics can be found online or through your real estate agent.

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