Massachusetts Chat Rooms

    Enter a few Massachusetts chat rooms and you'll find a wide range of engaging topics. In one room you may find inquisitive singles examining the evidence of the Lizzie Borden murders. Sure, the grizzly crime was committed over 100 years ago, but, much like JFK's assassination, it continues to intrigue scholars, historians, and forensics experts, all of which are in abundant supply throughout Boston, one of the great college towns in America.

    Head into a different chat room and you'll invariably find some poor sap droning on about the Curse of the Bambino. Chicago may be the most recent long-suffering sports town to get jilted yet again, but Boston enjoys a pretty strong claim as well. Many a Bostonian has met his or her future wife or husband while nursing a Sam Adams and staring helplessly at a monitor as the Red Sox find new and innovative ways to lose.

    The Great Thing about Massachusetts Chat Rooms

    As with any chat forums, Massachusetts chat rooms let you split the moment you've had enough of discussing admissibility of evidence, Bill Buckner, or whether or not Matt Damon and Ben Affleck really wrote Good Will Hunting (they did, but so did a dozen other writers -- ed.). At that point, you're probably more interested in what your fellow online dating candidates look like. After all, weepy waxing about Fenway and the lore of the Boston Strangler can only carry an ambitious online love-seeker so far.

    Luckily, there are Massachusetts dating services that let you showcase not only your scintillating historical knowledge but your pearly whites as well. Most people are more comfortable conversing with someone they can see, even if they presume the picture to be far more flattering than the genuine article. Such is the law of the land across the great frontier that is the Internet Dating Scene.