Asian Personals

    Many people from traditional Asian families are hoping to find a mate with a similar background. For some, the motivation is spiritual or religious--they want to find someone who shares their faith. For others, it is cultural--it just seems easier to be with someone who understands their family's sense of tradition and obligation.

    For the most part, people interested in Asian personals want to narrow their choices down to people from the same cultural tradition. There are a number of significant differences, for example, between a Chinese Christian and a Tibetan Buddhist. If you would define your identity primarily by your cultural heritage and your first priority is meeting someone who shares very specific values, you probably want to go to a highly specialized dating or matchmaking service online.

    Asian Personals on General Dating Sites

    If, however, what you want is a little less specific and you would consider dating anyone who was respectful of your heritage without necessarily sharing every aspect of it, a general internet dating service could work for you. In your profile, you have the option to include any information that you want to include about what's important to you. If you write about your culture or ethnicity at length, people searching your profile should catch on and respect what it means to you.

    If you want to search the profiles of prospective matches, you can enter criteria that are important to you. You may not be able to specify ethnicity quite as explicitly as you would like, but if you can't, you will still only have a few more hits than you want. They can be easily deleted or ignored, and you can focus on those who do share the traits that are important to you.