Idaho Singles

    Idaho singles looking to spice up their love lives have more limited options than singles in densely populated areas. With just over a million residents in all, Idaho ranks 39th in the nation in total population. So if you're having trouble meeting people in, say, New York or Chicago, relocating to Boise probably isn't your best option.

    But Idaho has plenty to recommend it, not just as a vacation destination, but as a home as well. Still, tourism (not potatoes) is the state's biggest industry, and Sun Valley, the home of the country's first ski resort, is one major reason for this. Each year, the Hollywood gliterati fed up with Park City, Utah, head to Sun Valley to take advantage of first-rate slopes and conditions.

    The Idaho Singles Scene

    So what if you're not a big Hollywood actor who can afford his or her own private jet and lost weekends in Sun Valley? Well, that describes most Idaho singles, so you're in solid company. Are there any reliable ways to meet other Idahoans without having to attend the annual Spud Day Festival in Shelley or the National Old-Time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser?

    Meeting people in Idaho might be a bit more challenging than in other places around the country, but that doesn't mean you should give up on your quest to find love. As a home to some of the nation's most riveting natural beauty, it is similarly home to thousands and thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists. Use an internet friend finder to meet people online, then head into the great outdoors and build your friendship over a mountain hike, a canoeing trip, or a ski outing.