RSVP Wedding Cards

    RSVP Wedding Cards Issues

    If this is your first wedding, you may be a little daunted at the number of items that go into the invitation envelope. Each piece of printed stock or tissue adds a little to the weight of the invitation. It also adds to the amount of time your guests have to spend reading and deciding.

    In addition to the invitation itself, some envelopes contain RSVP wedding cards, meal selection cards, tissue, and even directions cards, sometimes one for the church and one for the reception. This all adds up to a pretty hefty envelope and, often, a delay in getting the return because of all the decisions the invitee has to make. Then there are the ones you send to people who think you know they're coming.

    Counting the Guests

    If you use the traditional method described above, you can almost count on weeks of watching the mail and making interminable lists and wondering why you haven't heard from certain invitees. Envelopes can get lost in the mail or lost when someone tosses them on a table or counter in your kitchen. There's even the issue of what to do about the people from whom you don't get a response.

    On the other hand, if you use the services of an online wedding RSVP specialist, most of those problems will disappear. When you send out RSVP wedding cards that include a line detailing how to respond by phone to a dedicated toll-free number, by email to the specialist or even directly to your custom wedding website, you will have a much better chance of keeping track of those who are coming. In addition, the vendor can also call each of the guests who have not responded by the date you specified. It's a much more efficient and less stressful way to handle invitations, and it can even save you a substantial amount of money!