Christian Dating Services

Written by Serena Berger
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Christian dating services help people find the kind of love that can lead to a lasting relationship. For many people of faith, sharing religion is one of the non-negotiable criteria for a significant other, especially a spouse. There are just so many issues and values which are tied up in or related to religious beliefs that finding someone of the same religious denomination is the best way to insure compatibility in all of those spheres.

Christian dating services exist for all of the denominations of Christianity. Many people feel very strongly about the church in which they were raised or the church they chose when they got a little bit older, and want to know that a potential partner shares that commitment. For born-again Christians, for example, or Catholics, this can be particularly important.

Christian Dating Services Help You Find What You Want

In addition to insuring common ground and similar values, searching for someone who belongs to the same church can be important if you want to raise your children in that church. If you are looking at online dating services with the idea in mind of finding a husband or wife and having children, you need to delve more deeply into that person's values and attitudes about raising children before becoming emotionally attached. Knowing that you would want to bring up children with the same ideals for their spirituality and relationship with God is very important, and in fact is one of the fundamentals for building a comfortable and happy family life.

In many cases, however, people aren't particularly concerned with slight variations in denominations: for example, someone who grew up in a Lutheran church could be quite comfortable dating an Episcopalian. In such instances, a general dating service can function as well as specific Christian dating services, because you can usually select profiles that you want to see based on any number of keywords or attributes of potential partners. Thus, you can select people who list Christianity as one of their traits and know that you have that as a base-line common factor without getting into too much detail at first.

Even if you are just looking for someone to date casually, it can be very important to find someone who shares your values. For example, if you belong to a church which has guidelines dictating against pre-marital sex, it can be easiest and best for you to find someone else who shares that priority for the same reason. While anyone you date should respect your feelings and beliefs, nothing beats finding someone with firsthand understanding and wants to do the same thing for the same reason.

Other Factors Christian Dating Services Consider

In addition to matching you based on issues of faith, Christian dating services are just like any other dating services. Some of them can be quite risqué, and others will be very conservative. If you're looking for your Christian Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome with an MBA, annual income over $85,000 and a love of dogs, wine, romantic comedies, and the outdoors, you can enter all of your criteria online at the website of a Christian dating service and the results you view will be tailored to your specifications. (Of course, if you find him, you may have a little competition ... but that's another topic for another website!)

Christian dating services can help you find a partner for casual dating or a long term relationship. Typically, profiles will let you know exactly what a person is looking for, whether that be a casual thing, or a potential spouse. As more and more people become familiar with the Internet, you can find compatible singles of all ages, in any location. In fact, if you are in a rural locale, online matchmaking can be one of your best options, because you don't have quite as many places to meet potential partners as city-dwellers do.

Furthermore, if you meet someone through an online dating service, they are likely to be willing to spend a little time talking with you online before expecting to meet. If you are concerned with safety, as most of us are these days, it can be very reassuring to spend some time just talking with someone online, getting to know what they think about and how they present themselves before even telling them your full name, much less meeting them. As an added benefit, when you do meet in person, you will already feel as though you know each other a bit and know that you have things to talk about, which makes dating feel a little less superficial. Clearly, there are many benefits to Christian dating services; so if you are single and looking for someone who shares your beliefs with whom to spend some time, you could get started looking on the Internet right now!

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