Written by Ivan Gale
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Hellenic culture has survived for thousands of years thanks to the wonderful creativity and imagination of the ancient Greeks. Greek mythology began by families sitting by the campfire and wondering, "What's with all those bright shiny lights up above us?" They fashioned stories about great Gods, Goddesses, and mere mortals to explain how the stars came to be draped up in the sky.

Their ancient culture laid the foundation for today's modern society, and now Hellenic culture influences our daily lives in some small degree. Of course, Hellenic culture is not only influencing the majority of us living in Europe and North America. For Greeks living in these new lands, their Hellenic identity is central to their very existence and defines their very being.

Hellenic Culture in the Streets and Online

Greek pride is evident in their colorful, vibrant festivals that mark the passing seasons. Their culture is not just found on the streets, however. New venues, such as online websites, are becoming the new meeting place for many, many young Greeks looking for love and romance.

With the dawn of 40-plus hour workweeks and working late nights and weekends, sometimes it's hard to just come up for fresh air. That's why online dating services are helping working professionals and those living in different cities find each other. To them, these sites are a vital link that helps Greek singles keep their Hellenic traditions and culture alive and well.

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