Written by Ivan Gale
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Omogenia is a buzzword found on the lips of more and more young Greeks nowadays. The term means same blood, and embodies a desire for many Greeks living outside of their homeland to keep their traditions alive and flourishing. Marrying a Greek man or woman and raising a family is thus very important to many Greeks living abroad today.

The strong cultural bonds that tie Greeks to their motherland have been passed down since the first big emigrant wave left Greece in the early 20th century. A second large exodus occurred in the 1950s and 60s, bringing Greeks to faraway lands like Australia and Canada. Now, so many Greeks live in Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Toronto, some of them only fall below Athens in Greek population statistics.

Omogenia Is about Keeping Traditions Alive

Omogenia is as slippery as it is to the tongue when it rolls off. With so many Greeks finding themselves in a demanding corporate world--or just caught up in the fast pace of modern society--finding their soul mate can be a long and arduous journey. Yet many have found there is gold at the end of the rainbow, using Greek online dating services.

These Hellenic-centered sites bring together Greeks from far and wide to meet and share their common culture and values. Each comes looking for something different, but whether it is love and romance you're after or just companionship, there's a good chance this omogenia can be found online. With so many success stories to their credit, these sites are proving to be 21st century cures to 21st century problems.

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