Jewish Dating Services

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Not all Jewish dating services are created equal. What separates great Jewish dating services from mediocre ones? What should you look for in an online service if you are new to the world of online Jewish dating?

Free Jewish Dating Services

First, I suggest that you look for Jewish dating services that offer basic usage for free. If you want to upgrade to allow yourself the opportunity to use a host of different services, expect to pay some money, but even then, don't expect to pay a lot. Too many people mistakenly feel that the more a service costs, the better the quality and larger the pool of people who use that service.

This is absolutely not the case. Remember, a lot of Jewish girls and guys try internet dating only on a lark. Maybe their last few blind dates were disasters and they feel like giving this new form of dating a whirl. These desirable folks are not using services with excessive fees. They are much more likely to use services that cost next to nothing!

Good dating services should be easy to use. Ideally, all the kinks will have been worked out by the service long ago, so that every aspect of online dating, from creating your profile to posting your photos to meeting someone whose profile intrigues you, is quick and easy. Look for special features, like the ability to view others' profiles without them seeing your profile.

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