Jewish Mingling

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Jewish mingling can take place through a synagogue or other religious organization. However, most Jewish singles agree that Jewish mingling is a lot more fun when it takes place at a hip night club, a tropical Club Med, or on a three-day cruise! Some of the bigger and better established Jewish online dating services offer just such events to their subscribers, and their subscribers' friends.

Jewish Mingling for All Types

There are so many different types of Jewish men and women. You've got Orthodox Jews who keep kosher, Hassidic Jews whose religion affects nearly every aspect of their lives, and secular Jews who are lucky if they make it to temple once a year. A good dating service will host events geared toward Jewish mingling for all these different types.

Of course, not every event will be appropriate to every group. A Hassidic woman certainly isn't going to attend a Friday night martini party. However, most of the larger dating services will offer something for everybody.

Some of the coolest opportunities for mingling take place out of town! Consider going on a Jewish singles cruise or Club Med vacation. Take along a few pals, and you are guaranteed to have a grand time, whether you meet someone special or not. If you are lucky enough to meet someone special, this will be the vacation of a lifetime!

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