Jewish Soul Mates

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The topic of Jewish soul mates is a very interesting one. Do you believe finding a soul mate is a matter of fate, or do you think people can give fate a nudge? Is there more than one soul mate out their for each of us, or are Jewish men and women meant to be with one person and one person only?

Finding Jewish Soul Mates

Personally, I think everything always turns out better for people who are willing to put a little work into life. As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. Singles who are ready to find their Jewish soul mates need to open up and extend themselves. They may need to learn something new, by trying something new.

For so many people, finding Jewish soul mates requires nothing more than finally giving online dating a try. For others, it may mean letting go of the memory of a past relationship, one that may have become "perfect" in hindsight. For others still, finding a soul mate might mean letting go of the image of what that person should be, and opening their minds to someone unexpected.

I find that so many of my good friends find their soul mates right after they learn that one, last important lesson. These lessons are usually simple, but often take decades to learn. The lessons usually have something to do with our own self-esteem, and the understanding that we were made to be treated with kindness and to treat others with kindness, too.

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