Dating And Romance

Written by Serena Berger
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Detractors of the Internet and email claim that these tools are making communication increasingly impersonal and ultimately isolating people. There are millions of people, however, who would disagree. Unquestionably, the Internet has introduced new challenges to communicating, dating, and romance--but many people enjoy finding creative solutions and expressing themselves in these new media.

Dating and Romance Online

Email can be an art form, just like a good letter. If you're getting to know someone you met on a personals site, the emails that you exchange can be the highlight of your respective days. You can send each other charming or romantic e-cards, mp3's of songs you want to share, and even get web cams so that you can have virtual dates.

For people who think the sexiest part of their partner's body is his or her brain, online dating is an opportunity to enjoy putting that theory to the test. Many couples who start out online do so because they're long distance and they can't meet in person. Some choose to keep their relationship virtual for a while, despite relatively close physical proximity, because they feel as though it's a safe way of getting to know one another, and they enjoy letting things evolve though the subtle romance of flirtatious emails and late-night chats.

Then again, if what you're looking for is romance in person, the Internet can help you find that, too. There will always be people who insist that the Internet is not part of the "real" world, but even they may turn to online dating in the hopes of finding a relationship that can make the transition into their real world. Just remember, if you're a person who feels pretty happy with letting your romance percolate in the virtual world and someone is pushing you to make a transition with which you don't feel comfortable, trust your instincts and say no.

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