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Find A Buddy

Written by Sierra Rein
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Interestingly enough, many people struggle in life to find a buddy for themselves. They may have busy schedules which does not allow for much social time. Or, they have trouble connecting with the types of people at work or within their normal social sphere.

In the past, friends were made by personal connections, friends introducing other friends, and social gatherings. These were usually dependent on locale, especially within driving distances. However, as the technological advancements in digital communications (email, chat rooms, and instant messaging) the limitations of location has become reduced to a minimum.

To Find a Buddy Online, Follow a Few Rules

As with most other social expectations, the digital realm has a few regulations and understood "netiquette" to adhere to. The first rules are built around the concept of anonymity and safety, allowing online dating members to be themselves without personal repercussions. By using nicknames and ID's, a single person can keep their own name to themselves until they find someone they feel they can trust with his or her personal information.

Other rules of epersonals include staying away from obscenities, personal threats and attacks, harvesting emails, and spamming. However, each Internet dating and pen pal service has it's own set of member regulations so check with each site's FAQ before signing up. It will be easier to find a buddy who fits your ideals of fun, understanding, and communication skills.

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