Florida Chat Rooms

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are Florida chat rooms to be found on any Florida dating service. Most companies offer chat as a standard feature with any subscription. That means if you tire of flipping through personal pages on your particular network, you can always enter a chat room and see what other singles are talking about.

If you do this, a word of caution: spend more than a few moments "lurking" or quietly observing from the background. This way you'll get a better sense of your chat room's threads. When it comes to Florida chat, threads can cover anything from the relative humidity and the next tropical storm system to the woes of the Miami Dolphins and the Orlando Magic. The last thing you want to do, however, is barge in with a wholly unrelated topic.

Alternatives to Florida Chat Rooms

If the idea of a mass dialogue doesn't appeal to you, there's always the option of one-on-one chat as well. Typically, two singles will meet up in a chat room after bumping into one another somewhere on the network first. Maybe you've each read the other's personal profile and like what you see. You can then agree to go into a private room where no one else can monitor you and chat to your heart's content.

The appeal of Florida chat rooms over, say, standard e-mail, is immediacy. If you've ever used Instant Messaging (IM), you're already familiar with how chat works. For some people, the idea of instant communication can be stimulating, as there's no real margin for error. Say the "wrong" thing, and it's indelibly written across your chat partner's screen. Say something witty and smart and you earn the right to pat yourself on the back: good little internet dater!

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