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Free Dating Profile

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you wish to have an online presence on an Internet personals service, a good idea is to start out with a free dating profile. Without spending a dime, you can upload an image of yourself and provide other singles with personality information that will clue them in to what type of person you are looking for on a date. It will also inform them of your likes and dislikes and what kinds of hobbies and interests you enjoy taking part in.

A free dating profile is usually set up like an online form, with specific fields to fill out. After signing in for a free membership, you will need to choose an anonymous screen name and password. Anything you type into the profile form will be displayed next to your screen name, along with a recent photo of yours and any contact information you wish to provide.

What Not to Include on your Free Dating Profile

To feel completely safe regarding your online profile, it is incredibly important not to put any information, contact numbers, addresses, or financial passwords onto it. This will prevent other members from taking advantage of you physically and emotionally and can safeguard against potential scammers. Most dating sites provide everything you need to communicate with other singles online without the use of personal emails, instant messaging ID's, or other forms of contact.

If you wish to take it slow and not jump into face-to-face contact, do not put your location on the profile. This will give yourself a location anonymity and will clue others in that you merely desire to communicate through the Internet for a while. You can decide to tell any friends you make through the dating site about where you live, or update your profile once you decide to begin connecting with people in your area.

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