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Written by Serena Berger
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The number of people who browse online personals sites is significantly greater than the number of people who post on them. There are any number of reasons for this. Some people are just very private and don't want their picture or personal information out there anywhere on the Web. Others are paranoid that an ex or someone they know from school or work might come across their personal online and hold it against them in some way. Still others, especially in the case of gays and lesbians, don't want to come out, so they don't want their identity out there on the Internet on a site for gay matchmaking.

Get Quality Responses to Your Free Personal Ad

This means that if you're browsing the personals yourself, you're only seeing a fraction of the people out there who are interested in finding a relationship. If you really want to maximize your chances of meeting the right person, you're probably going to determine that it's best to be brave and put up your own personal. The good news is that you can do that for free on a reputable site.

Once you put up your personal ad online, you can just sit back and see what happens. Typically, you'll get a rapid response which will demonstrate just how many more people are out there reading personals than posting them. You can request pictures in your profile, and even say that responses without photos will be ignored. You can read what people have to say about themselves and look at pictures for as long as you want before deciding what to do.

If you're using a fairly good personal site, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership in order to contact respondents who are also site members. This is a measure you should appreciate for your own safety. You and your potential mate can use the secure re-direction of emails until you feel comfortable meeting in person or exchanging direct contact information; if you find you have made a mistake, however, you can easily block unwanted correspondence.

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