Houston Dating

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Houston dating scene is alive with culture and nightlife, great restaurants, shops, galleries, and first-rate sports. At over three-million people, Houston is not only the biggest city in Texas, but the fourth-biggest city in the country. Only New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have more residents.

Those three-million people make for at least a few eligible dates in Houston. The city is home to thriving Asian, black, Jewish, and Latino communities, a fine answer to the "white" label so often misapplied to Texas. Sure, there are homogenous pockets all throughout the Lone Star state. But is there a state in this country for which that's not the case?

Houston Dating, Continued

With over 9000 restaurants, Houston offers even the most seasoned gourmands a litany of dining choices. Additionally, Houston is one of the easiest cities to navigate; even if traffic continues to rank among the worst in the country, there are far more public transportation options than there are in, say, Los Angeles. If your explanation for an inactive Houston dating life is having no wheels, what you've really got is no excuses.

Find love in Houston at Texans or rockets game, during a zydeco music performance, or just walking along through the Theater District, home to some of the nation's finest troupes. Your internet dating service can zip through the thousands of profiles posted by Houstonians to help you find a perfect match in no time. Once you sign up, it's only a matter of minutes before a whole world of eligible men and women opens up before you. You just have to look through the smog to see them.

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