International Dating

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Unless your name happens to be Trump, Gates, Buffett, or one of similar stature, the very concept of international dating is probably alien to you. Not many people can afford to hop on a Learjet (or their own private plane) and fly off to India or Russia for a long romantic weekend. And anyone who's keen on the idea of a long-distance relationship--that is, one that crosses a major body of water such as the Atlantic or Pacific--might as well find a mate in Egypt, because he or she is more than a bit in de Nile.

What about international dating for those who don't actually plan on traveling? Does such a thing even exist? Some would argue that dating a foreign-born single who's moved to the States constitutes international dating. This is especially true if the person in question continues to hold fast to his or her culture, including its rituals and customs. For many, these barriers are challenging enough without adding an ocean's distance to the mix.

Great International Dating... Right Here at Home

Find available men and women from more than 230 different countries--and without living in Manhattan or traveling to the U.N. Whether you have a hankering for Italians, Swedes, Nepalese, Libyans (they're terror fighters now!), Balinese, what have you, you're in luck. All seven continents (yes, there are Antarcticans) are represented in the world of online dating.

Maybe you've begun speaking a second or even third language and want to find a conversation partner. This can be a great segue into a deeper friendship or more meaningful relationship. Some online dating services even offer you the chance to search for singles by ethnic background, religion, or nationality. Just make sure his or her visa issue is already clear before you go ahead and fall in love.

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