Military Dating

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The very term "military dating" may seem like a contradiction in terms. Is your objective to steal the enemy's codes or steal a civilian's heart? But just because you're stationed halfway around the world and spend your days crawling commando-style through bunkers and caves doesn't mean you don't like to make new friends on the weekends when it comes time to kick back.

There are more than a handful of military dating sites that have popped up in recent years, some better than others. These sites use the same general interface as standard online dating services, only their web crawlers are used to scan bases and camps at military locations around the world. If you've served tours in the past and are no longer on active duty, you can also use your site to find other military singles who have done their time and are now working as civilians.

Do I Have To Go Commando To Try Military Dating?

Absolutely not. The branches of the U.S. Military may be discriminating about who gets to serve, but military dating networks throw the doors open to everybody, regardless of rank. Even if the extent of your combat training is playing with G.I. Joes in your backyard, you can sign up with a military dating service and post an online profile for others to see.

The reasons people have for seeking military mates are as varied as the singles themselves. Some are looking for partners who have shared combat experiences. Others just feel a deeper respect for those who have put in their time to serve their country. Still others feel safer in the presence of a corporal or lieutenant or anyone else with stripes on his or her epaulets. And then there are those who are simply suckers for the way men and women look in uniform.

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