Nebraska Singles

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're a long-suffering veteran of the Nebraska singles scene, internet dating may be your salvation. There's lots of real estate to cover in Nebraska, so it's easy to drive a long way for no good reason, which is what too many Nebraska singles inevitably end up doing. But the founders of what was once known as "The Great American Desert" were surely a group of visionaries who knew that more than a century later its residents would fall in love over tiny wires that ran through the ground and air.

Online dating is no longer the wave of future in Nebraska or anywhere else. It is, more accurately, the gold standard for meeting other people, be it through e-mail or online chats. These two camps tend to split down generational lines. For teens and adolescents who've been raised with internet connections in their homes, chat rooms and Instant Messaging are second nature. Adults, on the other hand, tend to favor the "slow" correspondence of e-mail, which allows for double-checking, careful word choice, and editing.

What Do Nebraska Singles Do?

So you find yourself single and living in Nebraska. If you're in a big city such as Omaha, you've got a gallimaufry of options at your fingertips. The creature comforts of any big city, including theaters, novelty shops, cool diners, bars, and restaurants, are all just as accessible in Omaha. But what if you live, to put it politely, in the boonies?

If tilling soybeans and herding cattle isn't your idea of a sexy date, you'll have to work a little harder than your big-city counterparts for entertainment. Your best bet is probably arranging to meet any prospective internet dates in a more centralized area rather than trekking out to meet one another on one party's "turf." Meeting publicly is a great way to keep the playing field level at the beginning of a relationship. It helps relieve any feelings of expectation and is also a safer way to go.

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