New York Chat

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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New York chat can encompass everything from the ridiculously freezing winds kicking around the city to the newest Broadway show to hit town. Drone on about the shortcomings of the Knicks, the snarled traffic on the Westside Highway, the ceaseless noise that keeps you from your 40 winks, or any other New York-specific thread. Of course, New York chat rooms entertain non-New York conversations as well. They're only called New York chat rooms because, well, they tend to attract New Yorkers looking to meet one another.

It's a fairly common lament that it's hard to meet people in New York, at least people you'd like to date or even consider marrying. People are flaky, they're conceited, they're too busy, or they're rude are just a few of the common gripes you hear from New York singles. But if so many of them feel this way, why can't they all manage to get together in one place and meet each other?

They Can... in New York Chat Rooms

For all those city-dwellers who feel marooned on their seven-mile island, it's time to head online and meet fellow long-suffering singles who can't seem to catch a break. Just enter your ZIP code in your online dating service's search field, and within seconds you'll have thousands of local-area singles' profiles right at your fingertips. Then you can start to bitch and moan about having too many people to meet.

Funny how one can go from having no life whatsoever to having an overabundance of prospects in a matter of several minutes. As a reminder, not all of these smiling faces you see in your company's singles database belong to people you'll like or would even want to get to know. But there may be a few diamonds in the rough hiding among all the flaky, conceited, busy, and rude individuals who make up the greatest city in the U.S.

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