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Online Dating

Written by Sierra Rein
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Safe and successful online dating takes time, patience, and a bit of knowledge of how the Internet works. If you are not a computer person at heart, you may want to do a little research on such things as online chat rooms, message boards, and how to use a free web-based email account. Arm yourself with the skills you need to make the Internet experience effective and fun.

If you are new to the digital world, or have never dated people through a computer before, consider this online dating advice carefully. While using the Internet can be fun, easy, and extremely affordable, it can also be mined with dangers. Because you will not normally come across individuals using their real names, you have no real way of knowing who is on the other end (unless the dating site has strict screening procedures).

Tips to Make Your Online Dating Experience Safe

When creating an online profile for your membership, make sure not to include any information that reveals your phone number, home or business address, or any personal financial details. You may type in your hobbies, religious views, or how many children you have, but never specifics. This includes your last name, where your children go to school, and where specifically you work.

Once you go through the online chatting and are awaiting a face-to-face date, let a friend or family member know what your plans are. Bring a cell phone with you and do not get into your date's car at any time, whether you are a man or a woman. Be patient and wait until several encounters have progressed before deciding whether or not to completely trust your new friend in person.

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