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Online Dating Safety

Written by Sierra Rein
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The most important aspect of finding friends or romance on the Internet is following proper online dating safety procedures. While hundreds of people are creating honest relationships online every day, there is a dark side to the process. Keeping your physical and mental state secure should supersede any decisions you make along the way.

Most matchmaking services should have an online FAQ regarding online dating safety and their tips to making the experience safe and secure. Before you sign up as a member, take care to read all of the privacy policies they have in place and print out a copy for yourself if you wish to have one on file. Never sign up with an online dating service until you understand your individual rights to privacy and safety.

The Major Points of Online Dating Safety to Adhere to

Because you will be connecting with (literally) virtual strangers, it is important to keep all personal information to yourself. Last names, addresses, home and business phone numbers, and financial income should never be given out. This information should be held anonymous and secure until you have met your online date in person more than a few times and when you are both serious about making the "in person" relationship more intimate.

If you feel as though you are being pushed into revealing any information, or are constantly harassed by your date to meet in person, stop communication immediately. Ask your dating service to be reassigned a different online ID and do not chat with the individual again. He or she is probably either out for your money or may be a physically danger to you should you two meet in person.

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