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Online Dating Tips

Written by Sierra Rein
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To keep your Internet dating experience easy and free from predators, consider the following online dating tips. By maintaining common sense and adhering to a few universal rules regarding the online dating process, you are more likely to provide yourself with a great deal of protection. By doing this, you also can relax and concentrate more on your search for a romantic partner.

The first thing to consider is protecting your identity and personal information. Do not give out last names, addresses, office locations, or any other contact data that may be used to track you or your family members down. Use a blocked cell phone number to call your date, and do not feel pressured to give out any of the above information.

Online Dating Tips Regarding Danger Signs

It is sometimes difficult to recognize negative personality traits of online singles, especially if he or she is not telling the truth. However, if you come across any conversations that include threats, demands that you change how you behave or what to wear, or advice on how to properly discipline your children, consider the possibility that your online friend may have a controlling or abusive personality. It is best to disconnect from this relationship and reassign yourself a different online ID than continue with this person.

If an online relationship gets out of hand, do not be afraid to contact the service provider and making a formal report. Reread the online dating tips they provide, and include transcripts of emails and online chats to help the company assess the problem and figure out what actions need to be taken. If you feel your physical health is in danger, call the police and ask for advice on how to protect yourself and your family.

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