Picture Personals

Written by Serena Berger
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There was a great study done regarding the way men view women based on pictures alone. A group of men were asked to hypothesize what a woman was named and what sort of relationship they thought they'd want with her based on a picture alone. The most popular picture of all? A sweet, smiling woman in her late twenties with soft curly hair above her shoulders, minimal make-up, and a t-shirt on. The men said her name would be something like Molly, Hannah, or Sarah, and she'd be the perfect girlfriend.

It would be interesting to see a similar survey done with women viewing men's pictures. Presumably, the results would be similar. Women may occasionally ogle a photo of a shirtless cologne model with impossibly tousled hair and a rough five o'clock shadow-- but when it comes down to it, they think the perfect boyfriend is a Bob, David, or Adam with a warm smile and a cozy sweater on.

Use a Casual Photo in Your Personal

People who are seriously looking for a healthy and happy relationship online do not pass you over because your online photo looks like you're an ordinary person and your little sister took a snapshot of you after Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps the person of your dreams will not single you out right away. That's okay. If you think you've found him or her, write a message that responds to his or her profile and ultimately suggests taking a look at yours. If you were interesting, engaging, pleasant, funny, or sweet in your message, a photo in which you look nice is likely to be all it takes to convince your soul mate to reply.

Of course, if you're looking for a sexy encounter, go ahead and put up a sexy picture. You can even go with something striking and sexy if what you want is a serious relationship, but many people (especially women) who have tried that have not been thrilled with the results. It may be unfair, but it's unwise to ignore the fact that people assume a lot with only a little information to go on. A large percentage of the people viewing your profile will make assumptions about the kind of relationship you want based on the appearance of the photo you post, so don't be afraid to look like a nice person who's not too high maintenance.

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