Wisconsin Dating

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Wisconsin dating scene can be a blast or a bore depending on where, precisely, you live. Out in the boonies, Wisconsin dating is no different from Michigan dating or Minnesota dating. There's lots of real estate to cover, just to meet a prospective love match. This fails to factor in whether said love match is "pre-qualified" or just a "spec" date. The consequences of botching the latter can be costly, given the distance one has to travel to find a populous pocket of humanity.

In towns such as Madison, however, the Wisconsin dating scene is alive and kicking. As a college town, Madison is constantly infused with hordes of young singles coming, presumably, to get an education. At least that's what their parents assume. But Madison is flush with great bars and clubs as well as some of the finer restaurants in all of Wisconsin. and who can resist the pull of the Madison Radisson (or any rhyming hotel for that matter)?

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If you're not blessed with living in a highly concentrated town with thousands of things to do and singles to meet, you may have to hop the bus and come to the action. It certainly will not come to you. Before doing so, however, it's best to have a plan, and that means taking the time to go online and scout for singles within shouting distance of your home.

While a city such as Milwaukee will offer a panoply of activities, it can be a three-, four-, or five-hour drive to get there. Exercise some discrimination by making specific plans with your online contacts before making the hike. With the promise of love in the distance, even the longest trips become more palatable. It's just when the date goes poorly it can be a long ride home.

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