Senior Friends

Written by Jill Morrison
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Senior friends can help you to maintain a fulfilling and enjoyable life as a senior. The need for a senior friend increases with the loss of loved ones. There are many places to meet new friends as a senior. There are also many different methods of communication that can be used to interact with new friends.

Methods for Making New Senior Friends

There are many different steps you can take if you would like to make new senior friends. If you are living alone and do not live near family or friends, you may want to consider moving into an active senior community. Depending on the amount of extra help or care you need, you can choose from different types of senior housing developments.

Whether you participate in activities in your community or through a senior center, joining activity groups can help you to meet new senior friends. Senior activity groups will allow you to interact with others personally and to enjoy certain activities together. A popular place for senior activity groups to visit is a dinner theater. Dinner theaters allow seniors to see a live show and also to have dinner at the same location.

If you have a difficult time moving around in your senior years, you may want to consider less active options. Some seniors simply need interaction from others, whether in person, over the telephone, by mail, or on the Internet. Just talking to another individual can be very fulfilling for many seniors. You can find services on the Internet that will connect you with other seniors who are looking for new friends as pen pals.

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