Single Seniors

Written by Jill Morrison
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Single seniors are more likely to suffer from depression and loneliness in their late years than seniors who are in meaningful relationships. Seniors who are presently single may have lost their spouse or may have suffered through a divorce. Both of these experiences can be very traumatizing and can lead to depression if these people remain alone. It is important for seniors to have interaction with friends and loved ones in order to increase the level of happiness in their late years.

Options for Single Seniors

Single seniors have many options if they would like to meet new people. Seniors can join certain activity groups or communities that facilitate interaction with other seniors. Activity groups allow seniors to interact personally with others and to enjoy entertaining activities together.

If a senior is not incredibly active, there are some other options for meeting new people. Single seniors can join online dating services to meet new people and to start new meaningful relationships. Many seniors find true love on these websites and at the very least make some great new friends. These services allow you to interact as a pen pal initially and each member can choose if and when he or she would like to meet one of the matches in person.

Online dating services are easy and convenient. They are a great way to save money and energy that seniors may spend trying to meet new people outside of their homes. By interacting through e-mail or chat rooms initially, seniors can be choosy with who they interact with. They can even choose to interact with other members based on any number of factors that they may consider to be important.

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they wehisd they were still at home. I also do home care and they are for the most part happy to be at home but lonely. I am 50 plus myself. I would hope I have the option of staying home if need arises.