Houston Dating Services

Written by James Lyons
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I grew up in Houston and I know about Houston dating services. Granted, I never used them because I trekked off to Washington, DC, before I had the chance. However, I have a number of childhood friends who fully exploit these services. In fact, one of my best friends from childhood burned through all the Houston dating services and came out pretty successful.

He stumbled along the way. As a child, he was a recluse, holed up in his room while his friends egged his house and mocked his stork-like appearance. Needless to say, he was socially inept and had little confidence when it came to women. Instead of being a victim and blaming his surroundings, my friend took action and perused the different Houston dating services.

Discovering the Value of Houston Dating Services

He eventually blossomed into a strapping young man with impeccable social skills and magnetic charm. One would think a man like this would abandon Houston dating services and rely on his alluring personality to court women. My friend, however, was more evolved than that and understood the value of getting to know someone and the meaning of "quality time."

I think most of you agree that first dates involve very little "quality time." This is a term often reserved for established couples, but quality time applies to everyone in all phases of relationships. Relationships begin with an information gathering period where both parties learn about one another. He understood and appreciated the value of dating services because these venues eliminated a good chunk of that menial process.

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