Animal Wedding Cake Toppers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Animal wedding cake toppers manage to capture the romance and magic of a marriage better than most representational human figurines. For my tastes, a bride and groom standing side by side is just not as compelling or playful as dancing butterflies or leaping dolphins. Animal wedding cake toppers bring an element of myth and fantasy to a wedding that human figures often miss.

Unusual Animal Wedding Cake Toppers

If you decide to use animal wedding cake toppers during your reception, open your mind to all the different possibilities there are to choose from. Dove cake toppers and swan cake toppers are among the most traditional choices. There are plenty of unusual cake toppers that are a good deal more unexpected than swans or doves.

For instance, why not top your cake with frogs? If you have a playful sense of humor, you can even have the bridal frog in a little veil and the groom frog in a top hat! It's OK to be a little silly with your topper. By the time you cut into that cake, the mood at your wedding will be celebratory, fun and free.

For couples who love the mysterious and magical, gothic animals are a great choice. You can top your cake with gothic crows, elegantly perched on a slender branch. You can even top your cake with gothic bats! There's no rule that says a cake topper has to be cutesy, even if it features an animal.

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