Bar Mitzvah Photographers

Written by Norene Anderson
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A Bar Mitzvah is a very special time in the life of a Jewish boy. The term means "son of the commandment." When a boy is 13 years old, he is considered to be at a crossroads in his life. This marks the time when he is considered to be a man. The religious ceremony takes place in the temple with close friends and family in attendance.

This rite of passage initiates the obligation for the Jewish male child to begin adult responsibilities in observing the commandments. By going through the ceremony, he accepts the requirements and recognizes his place of responsibility in the Jewish community. This includes the right to lead in religious services and to perform other religious duties.

Choose Experienced Bar Mitzvah Photographers

Following the religious ceremony, most families host a reception for special guests to recognize and congratulate the newest member. Some families choose to host a formal sit-down dinner with special entertainment. Other families have a casual get-together with a few friends.

Whether the celebration is formal or casual, it is an event worthy of photographers with experience in Bar Mitzvahs. Capturing the ceremony and the celebration is a way to preserve every moment. Only the best photographers should be trusted with this momentous occasion.

The Bat Mitzvah ceremony is the recognition of the Jewish girl entering adulthood at the age of 12 years. Bat Mitzvah is celebrated in a much more modest manner than the Bar Mitzvah. It is usually marked with a gift from the parents and a dinner much like a special birthday is celebrated. While it is a low-key celebration, it deserves the same attention from a photographer sensitive to the significance of this moment in time.

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