California Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Event photography in California and elsewhere has evolved rapidly, especially in recent years. Photographers of weddings, receptions, and parties now use a more journalistic approach to capturing the big event on film. Images resemble a photo editorial in a glossy magazine rather than posed portraits of family and friends. Current trends in event photojournalism mean more interactive, less traditional poses.

Guests themselves are often the photographers of some of the event's spontaneous and candid shots. Many hosts pass cameras around to each table and encourage guests to take pictures themselves. The developed film from these cameras is often the source of further celebration and surprise even after the event is over.

Event Photography Services

Event photographers also employ the use of digital photo processing to create special keepsakes with which guests can memorialize the special event. Some of the best creative event services post digital photos of guest and honorees on dedicated websites and provide detailed instructions for guests to order their favorite prints and portraits. This way, party hosts can make sure their guests have a way to remember the event if they so choose.

Events can often benefit from a photo of the big day, personalized with a convention name or brand. These photos can be used as marketing tools, sent out as e-postcards or sold to guests for a small fee. Depending on the type and size of the event, California boasts a dizzying array of event photography services from which to choose.

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