California Wedding Djs

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Since more and more couples are paying their own wedding expenses, they have ultimate say in what goes, including catering, photography, and entertainment. The wedding DJ is often called upon to perform special functions, like coordinating toasts, dances, and other events, in addition to simply playing music. California is home to a wide range of wedding DJs and music service providers, and it pays to shop around rather than settle for the individual with the most CDs.

Effectively planning an event often involves some level of seeking out recommendations from friends and family. Many people book DJs and other service providers based on impressive results they have witnessed while attending events given by others in the past. This is just one way to find a reliable DJ who will perform appropriately to the event's focus and style. For a more simplified approach, you might want to find a service that can take care of all of these aspects; look for systems that are free to search before committing to anything.

Wedding Entertainment Trends

DJs now use a variety of means to entertain guests and honorees. Some events feature a karaoke set up, complete with microphones, monitors, and sound stages. Karaoke can be a good way for guests to enjoyably spend time and create memories, but it can also take away from the celebration of the union between bride and groom.

Many couples opt for more low-key musical entertainment, with a DJ that sets the stage for dancing and socializing, without being the center of attention. A DJ should be able to effectively engage guests with music, guiding the event along with all desired announcements and events. DJs often offer extras like high-tech lighting and computerized sound systems, record spinning, and a variety of contemporary music styles.

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