Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Written by Charles Peacock
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Cheap Las Vegas wedding packages are a piece of cake to find--no pun intended. All the best Las Vegas wedding chapels offer multiple packages, custom-tailored for any price range. You can get as simple a package as you want; or if you're interested in something more all-inclusive, they'll have the package that's just right for you.

When looking for cheap Las Vegas wedding packages, make a list of all the things you'd hope to be included. Music, photographs, a wedding cake, maybe even live musicians and an Elvis or two. Then decide on a budget. Once you have these two things written down, hunt around the Internet and you're bound to find something that matches both.

What Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Packages Include

Most cheap Las Vegas wedding packages range anywhere from $200-$500. Even the cheapest package includes the Chapel fee, flowers, and professional photographs of the ceremony. If you're interested in more options, and are able to spend a bit more, you can look into a slightly more expensive package.

The more expensive packages (which are still pretty cheap!) often include a more elaborate flower arrangement: for instance, roses instead of carnations. You can also get professional video of the wedding ceremony, which I would highly recommend. Since most wedding chapels have performed thousands of ceremonies, they know exactly how to produce a video that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come. And a nice extra touch is to add a candle-lighting ceremony to your package. Unity candles are available at all of the best wedding chapels.

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