Dallas Wedding Djs

Written by Norene Anderson
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One of the first questions a good DJ will ask concerns the theme of the wedding. The music should be chosen to embrace the overall atmosphere created by the decorations and the type of wedding attire worn. Often, the music chosen for the ceremony is a hint to the style of music that will be presented during the reception.

One way to choose a wedding theme is to consider special times and places you and your fiancé have shared and visited together. Where did you meet? Where have you been? Did you meet during a skiing trip? Or, perhaps you were vacationing at a dude ranch and met your dream man or woman. You can plan your entire wedding around the theme of romantic moments in your lives together.

Share a Theme with Your Wedding DJ

If you have special memories of a movie you saw or a program on television that you both enjoy and relate to, this could be the spin for a unique wedding theme. If movies are not interesting to you, how about considering a certain time period? You could host a period wedding that reflects the clothing, decor, and customs of Victorian England, the 50s, or any time that interests the both of you.

Ethnicity can play a huge role in determining the theme for a wedding. There are special activities and customs that are specific to weddings for African-Americans, Poles, Mexicans, and others. The uniqueness of each can add atmosphere through the dress, food, music, decorations, and every part of the ceremony.

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