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Written by Norene Anderson
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Wedding photographers will be a crucial part of your wedding planning schedule. Making detailed plans is the best thing you can do to make certain that you will have the wedding of your dreams. If you choose, you may opt for a wedding consultant to do the work for you. If you want to plan your own wedding, however, there is a general timeline that will help you with the details.

Between nine months and a year before the wedding, confirm the wedding date. Look for a date that is most convenient for both of you. Decide on a time for the ceremony. After these two elements are definite, it is time to start with the other details. Some of the things on your list will include deciding whether the wedding is going to be formal or informal, and how many attendants you want in the wedding. It is also the time to notify the clergy and reserve the church, chapel, or other location for the wedding.

Plans for Wedding Photographers

When the wedding is six to nine months away, place the announcement of the engagement in the newspaper. At this time, register at bridal registries for your gift preferences, select a florist, and begin shopping for attendants' and men's wedding attire. By now, you will have decided on a color scheme for decorations and attire.

The four to six month span before the wedding is the time to complete the guest list and order invitations. Check with the proper authorities about marriage license requirements in the county of the wedding. As the time nears to within two months, it is time to confirm all arrangements with DJs, photographers, clergy, and caterers.

Duties for the last few weeks are to complete all plans on hold such as picking up the wedding rings, having the final meeting with the photographer, giving the caterer the final guest count, and confirming honeymoon arrangements, etc. Careful planning will give you the assurance on you wedding day that everything is done and you can enjoy the day.

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