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Written by Stephanie Dula
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No modern special event is complete without the help of an entertainer who can effectively work the crowd, making sure a great time is had by all. While there are now plenty of entertainment options for weddings and parties, music remains the universal element in most functions. Not only do bands and DJs play music, they also act as MCs, organizing an event, making announcements, and letting guests know what to expect next.

Contemporary Event DJs

Choosing a musical act for a special event is not a task to be taken lightly. After all, guests will remember the entertainment portion of the event long after the food, flowers, and invitations have been forgotten. Each performer, band, or DJ will offer unique sound systems, songs, and skills that fit better with certain audiences and certain spaces.

Wedding receptions in particular have become more individualized affairs that emphasize the unique personalities of the bride and groom, especially since couples now often pay their own wedding expenses. The trend in contemporary wedding receptions is focused themes, which require appropriate music and even attire. Many couples also take lessons to prepare for the first dance, and musicians are often given specific instructions on what to play for this and other important moments.

When shopping around for musical entertainment, many event planners seek the services of a qualified DJ with a diverse selection of music and a charismatic personality. Unlike live performers, DJs play the music exactly as it is should sound, and sound levels can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of the event. Additionally, hiring a DJ is generally less expensive than hiring a full band, though there are exceptions.

Entertainment Trends

DJs now offer more services than ever, including interactive games complete with props as well as light shows and special effects. Some event planners even opt for a karaoke machine along with a DJ who can play host to singing guests. These types of activities are fun but they aren't necessarily right for every occasion. Subdued and elegant events may only require a DJ who focuses on the music and keeps games and group activity to a minimum.

A professional DJ should be able to motivate dancing and provide the appropriate background for dining, mingling, and conversation, all in the course of one party. Let's face it; weddings and special events can turn into catastrophes due to unforeseen issues like weather, poor planning, and technical difficulties. The job of the DJ and other event suppliers is to facilitate smooth transition between events and effectively handle any problems or delays that arise.

Gone are the days of booking a DJ based purely on his or her collection of songs. Savvy event guests now call for more than a mere compilation CD or the same standard lineup heard at every function in the past twenty years. Each candidate should be carefully considered in terms of previous experience, performance, music selection, and professionalism.

Event planners have plenty of resources when looking for quality entertainment for an upcoming function. A simple search on the Internet will yield ample results in most large metropolitan areas, with many entertainers willing to travel to more remote locations for gigs. The hard part will be choosing between all the available options. It may be easier to go through an event planning service, since they can usually help you pick the right DJ, as well as set you up with photographers and other services.

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