Family Portrait Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Depending on the style of portraiture desired, there are plenty of qualified professionals who specialize in family photography. Many of these individuals also practice in other areas of portraiture, including weddings and events, school functions, and even pet photography. Before hiring a professional or heading off to the local studio, it's important to establish what style is best for the subjects of the photos.

Family Photography Styles

Contemporary family photographers use both in-studio and on-location portraiture to achieve a variety of looks. Many new techniques have the family relaxing in an outdoor setting, and sometimes not even looking into the camera. These portraits utilize a more candid approach and attempt to capture the family interacting with each other rather than formally posing in a studio.

Many families opt to shoot their family portraits at their own homes, where they can reveal the uniqueness of their living spaces, belongings, and personal styles. These types of family portraits typically convey a sense of intimacy and emotion in their images, and often resemble a magazine layout or editorial. This type of portraiture is typically more expensive because professionals are required to travel and set up equipment and lighting.

However, many photographers now offer more room for interactivity in their in-studio services. They take a casual approach to these types of portraits, with families able to move around and talk during shooting. This is often helpful in families with children that won't sit still for very long. This type of family portrait photography combines the speed and ease of in-studio shooting with more relaxed poses and movements, but requires a photographer that the entire family is comfortable with. Finding that special someone can be the most challenging part of the process, so be prepared to search around; you may want to use any websites that have searchable databases of local photographers to speed the process.

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