Floral Cake Toppers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Floral cake toppers have become an increasingly popular choice for today's weddings. Couples know that they want something beautiful to adorn their tiered cakes, but they don't like the traditional bride and groom figurines. Many modern couples consider the old-fashioned bride and groom toppers stuffy, silly, or just plain cheesy!

Floral cake toppers, unfortunately, have one giant flaw that other cake toppers do not: they die. If you decorate your cake with beautiful cut blooms, you will not be able to hold on to your topper as a keepsake. Your children and grandchildren will not be able to use your topper in their own weddings. In the past, cake toppers were always one of the only items from a wedding that the couple got to keep as a memento. Fresh flower toppers destroy this tradition.

Floral Cake Toppers That Last

Many brides who love the simplicity and elegance of floral cake toppers are opting for the best of both worlds, by choosing silk floral toppers. These unique wedding cake toppers are even prettier than cut blooms, and best of all, they last! You and your groom can enjoy the topper you want today, and still have something to hold onto tomorrow!

You can even have elements of your topper dyed to match your wedding. A good artist should have many different flower types and color choices in stock, but if you are looking for an unusual color, you should be able to custom order it. Custom made floral toppers are elegant, lasting remembrances from your dream wedding.

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