Florida Wedding Djs

Written by Stephanie Dula
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When looking for a wedding DJ for an upcoming ceremony or reception, there are few details to carefully consider before shopping around for a service. Many good acts get booked up months or even years in advance, so it's important to make this decision a high priority. While many couples and wedding planners spend a lot of time finding just the right catering service, the selection of the entertainment often gets left to the last minute.

Designing a Memorable Wedding

Special events now employ more technology and creativity than ever for enabling guests to mingle and have a great time. Dynamic catering, design, and floristry often make for stunning and interactive events that guests will remember fondly for years to come. Modern events have evolved past the standard customs found at every wedding to include a more intimate and personal approach to the celebration.

The whole idea is to catch the eyes, and as far as entertainment is concerned, the ears of the guests and make a lasting impression. The DJ at a wedding may be required to motivate the party, make announcements, and coordinate the events of the day. Therefore, simply hiring an individual based on a phone conversation or looking at a CD inventory is not a good idea.

Whenever possible, a couple or wedding planner should ask to view videotapes of a DJ in action. Experienced professionals should be able to provide this resource, and many will have their own contract forms with all relevant details like pay rates, times, and plans for taking breaks. You can also use web-based entertainment brokers or locators to compare rates before narrowing down your options. Make sure to carefully review all agreements and discuss any additional equipment or lighting that may cost extra before signing.

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