Get Married In Las Vegas

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Want to get married in Las Vegas? We'll, you're in the right place. On this site you'll find plenty of information about Las Vegas weddings. In fact, with a little scouring around the internet, you can plan your entire wedding: plane reservations, hotel bookings, and even wedding chapel reservations.

You might think Vegas weddings are an American phenomenon. But in fact, people from all over the world get married in Las Vegas! I recently spoke with a Dutch friend who recounted the story of a Dutch couple who tied the knot in Vegas. And they've been returning every few years to renew their vows!

Want to Get Married in Las Vegas? You're Not Alone!

Perhaps it's the ease of obtaining a marriage license, or maybe it's just the "cool factor," but people in foreign countries often say they'd like to get married in Las Vegas. Wedding chapel websites are full of testimonials from happy foreigners who tied the knot on the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas seems to be a particularly popular spot with Canadians and Brits, possibly because of the lack of a language barrier, and their affiliation with American culture.

Getting married in Las Vegas doesn't mean that foreigners can automatically obtain American citizenship. Otherwise the chapels would be booked up year-round by eager would-be Americans! But I'm sure that all of our international friends who decide to get married in Las Vegas leave our country with a feeling that they've taken a little part of American dream home with them.

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